Monday, January 12, 2015

Reset Diet: The ABC’s of Holiday Recovery

Works like a charm every year.  If you can’t do them all pick a few to stick to, you won't believe the results.  We can do it!

App My Fitness Pal.
Ban Booze
Carb load (a.m.)
Drink water (3 liters per day)
Eat dessert (only once a week)
Finish breakfast (before 10am)
Home cooking
Imbibe tea
Japanese food
Kale and other leafy greens cooked and fresh
Lose 1 pound per week (no more no less)
Make a pact with yourself or a friend
Note an end date on the calendar (1-6 weeks)
Omit white foods
Practice Yoga
Quit processed foods
Reward yourself (non-food)
Sip soups (P.M)
Take the stairs
Understand mistakes are not an excuse to quit
Walk around the office instead of emailing
Xperiment with new workouts
Yogurt (full fat, low sugar, no artificial sweetener)
Zzzzz sleep 7-8 hours per night

If you have any questions, please ask.  You’ll be helping those who are too shy to do it alone.  Good Luck and Happy New Year!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Food Desert: What it Looks Like From the Inside

Location: New Haven, Connecticut- Union Train Station
Time: Past Lunch
Food options:

Layover Time: 1.5hrs

Outside the first thing I saw was this:
I didn’t cross the street to investigate.

All the surrounding buildings were:
Housing projects

I asked a parking garage attendant for his recommendation and he said, “There’s a Dunkin Donuts in the station.

“How about not in the station?” I said.

“Well, I don’t ever really leave the booth.” he said.  “I get 30 minutes.

We’ll call this guy, Bobby.  

Bobby was round enough to fill up the whole parking attendant booth and I felt angry for him.

BOBBY has 30 minutes for lunch, PEOPLE, and all he has to choose from is DUNKIN DONUTS and SBARRO.  He fills out the entire attendant booth.  WTF!
I had stranded myself in a full-on food desert.  There wasn’t even a dirty window Chinese food place around.  There had to be something missing.

The United States Department of Agriculture says a food desert is a low-income area with low access to healthy affordable food.  

But I say, it’s a ten-minute walking radius from anywhere.  Who typically walks more than ten minutes to get something to eat?

Just to see how pissed I should be for Bobby and all those people in that neighborhood, I started walking.  I passed this:
And this:

The neighborhood was swarming with police.

So moments later I bumped into this tall drink of water.

He directed me to downtown New Haven where I was met with a surprise:

A sign confirming ethnic food as our salvation from the “American Diet.” But it was closed.

I ended up in a place that looked like this:

that served stuff like this:

The whole round trip clocked in at about 45minutes. Fifteen minutes longer than Bobby’s break allowed, but I don’t think the extra few minutes was the problem.  Do you?

Friday, July 11, 2014

My Dairy Queen is Better than Yours

Here I go defending another chain restaurant.  But who can truly deny the value of a Dairy Queen Blizzard? It embodies everything we as Americans hold dear: abundace, choice and oreo cookies. Spain has Iberico ham and we have the DQ.
My Dairy Queen is the best because located on the town line of Brockton and Avon Massachusetts, it stands as a beacon of racial, socioeconomic, and cultural 
togetherness.  Brazil has feijoada and we have the DQ.
This Dairy Queen is not your soulless food court variety.  Local rumor suggests the owner signed on with the franchise so early in the game, that he's no longer required to purchase product from "the head office." I don't know where he gets his primo goods, but watching this guy expertly pour red dip  brings on the sweet taste of nostalgia and I don't even like red dip. Portugal has port and we have the DQ.

For me, a visit home to South Shore Massachusetts is not complete without a trip to the DQ where sprinkles are called jimmies, shakes are called frappes and there isn't any food because ice cream is what they do best.